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 Why Study in Canada? 

Canadians place great importance on learning, and have developed a first-rate education system with high standards. The country spends more on education (as a percentage of GDP) compared to the OECD average, and is the second highest among G-8 countries. 

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Find a school from across Canada. Search by location, school type, program type and course type. There are over 200 course types for you to choose from...

Getting Your Visa to Study in Canada Visa To Study in Canada

Depending on your country of origin and the type and length of study, you may require: a temporary resident visa; a study permit; or For Quebec-bound students, a CAQ (Quebec Application Certificate).

Canadian Education is High Quality Canadian Education System

The Canadian education system encompasses both publicly-funded and private schools, from kindergarten through to university. Education institutions are not officially ranked in Canada, as all Canadian institutions offer high quality programs.

Cost of Studying

Canada offers the lowest tuition rates for foreign students compared to the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and the US. Rates at U.S. public universities are almost 1/3 higher than fees for Bachelorís degrees in Canada... Read More >>

Scholarships in Canada 

Here are some quick links to schools in Canada that have scholarships for international students at the secondary
language, certificate, diploma, undergraduate, and graduate levels.

Work & Study in Canada 

Some international students studying in Canada can now work while studying. To find out more about working on campus, off campus and other work and study opportunites click here.