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English Language Schools in Canada
Canada has two official languages, meaning that international students can come to Canada to study either English as a Second Language (ESL) or French as a Second Language (FSL).

Many people choose to study ESL in Canada because of the many excellent ESL schools across the country and because of the neutral Canadian accent. Over the years, Canada has developed considerable expertise in the teaching of ESL because so many immigrants have required upgrading of their English skills. International students can study ESL for general, business or specific purposes. In addition, students can receive training in the teaching of ESL. Almost all universities and community colleges have ESL programs. In general, most private ESL schools are very flexible in terms of program requirements and intake dates.

French Language Schools in Canada
FSL programs are offered both through private and public institutes. Most, but not all FSL schools are located in the province of Québec. Similar to ESL programs, students can usually enter a FSL school program at any time of the year for any length of study. Students enrolled in ESL or FSL programs for up to six months may study in Canada without a Study Permit.